Mining Company

Health and Safety.

Safety Reporting

Due to the nature of the Slag dump, Incidents with the potential for severe harm have been curbed to a minimal due to stringent measures that we have put in place that the workforce needs to undergo before they set out there daily duties on site. The safety performance of each operation, exploration site, on site office and the entire work area is evaluated for trends to identify safety improvements as well as injury prevention opportunities. Safety performance statistics, incident investigation findings, and lessons learned are accessible to employees, contractors, and visitors across the Company.

We believe that safety is a way of life, and is everyone’s responsibility at all times. Our philosophy is

Work safe, live safe

The very nature of mining carries some risks. Our responsibility as an employer is to provide a safe working environment. To this end, we:

Establish policies and procedures that reflect proven and leading practices to help us run our operations safely;

Provide every employee with the training necessary to conduct their job safely and properly, including emergency response procedures;

Occupational Health

Mining can expose workers to various occupational health hazards, both physical and environmental, which pose a potential risk for fatality or serious injury or illness if not eliminated, minimized or controlled. 

Occupational health plays a key role in our Zero Harm effort and in this regard Chapamo maintains an industrial hygiene program to regularly sample and assess workplace exposure to hazardous substances. The focus of each site’s industrial hygiene program is to identify, minimize and eliminate, wherever possible, potential health exposure risks.

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