Mining Company

Social Responsibilities.

The company demonstrates this through sourcing employees from the local community, development of the local economy, and providing funding for education, health services, job training and amenities development in the future.

Chapamo Minerals being a community initiative, is very much determined to raise strong partnerships with the community through relationships based on trust, respect of the rule of law, custom and culture as we live in the community therefore see our community on a daily basis. We recognize both our local neighbors and the broader community as important stakeholders in our business, including the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and we aim to maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders.

We actively seek to involve the community, enabling us to meet the specific needs of our community, to manage complaints and community concerns that they may have.

Chapamo Minerals seeks to support the development of the regional’s economy, enhance and maintain the environment, improve important local facilities and develop and promote training and employment.

Our philosophy as being a socially responsible mining company is well integrated into our operations and at all levels of our business.

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